Dustin Lynch Takes Us Behind The Scenes Of 'Ridin' Roads' Music Video

Dustin Lynch released the music video for his current single "Ridin' Roads" back in May, but today we're getting an exclusive look at how the video was made. Dustin takes us on set of the video, introduces us to his co-star Nicole, and we see how some of the crazy special effects of this video were created.

“We decided to treat this video with textures and overlays - imposing images to add another dimension to the storyline while creating a new palette we’ll continue to paint from with new music coming soon,” shares Lynch.

Directed by Mason Dixon and filmed in Florida’s expansive Everglades wilderness, the video finds Lynch and a raven-haired love cruising through the night to a sun-kissed destination. But the journey itself is the real focus, with a deserted highway stretching out before them. Throughout the trip, each gorgeous shot is overlaid and merged with another, creating a captivating patchwork of romantic desire.

“We have a lot more colors to paint with than we did on the first album,” Lynch says, hinting at the project’s mix of classic-country cool and edgy intensity. “I don’t think there are any more genre walls. It’s all about the lyric and the message, and we let the song steer us. If we dig it, we’ll take a chance.”

Watch the official video for "Ridin' Roads" below.

Photo: Daniel Vorlet

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