Brett Young's Fans Are Getting Creative With Baby Gifts

Brett Young and his wife Taylor will welcome their first child into the world this fall, and Brett says they’re already getting a lot of very cool baby gifts for their little girl. “I think the most popular thing has been personalized onesies, and so people are coming up with clever little play on my lyrics, from ‘You’ve got me trying to catch my food’ instead of ‘catch my breath’ on a little bib or onesie or… It’s all been really cute.”

Brett loves that a lot of the gifts his daughter is receiving are music related, and not just country music. He says, “We got some really fun little onesies that were like play on old Kiss lyrics or Kiss album covers, or people are getting pretty creative and keeping it very musical. But yeah, I think she has a little Ramones onesie now, so it’s been pretty cool.”

While Brett and his wife are deeply appreciative of all the baby gifts, more than anything, Brett is thankful that his fans have been so loving and supportive of his future family. He says, “Everybody’s been really fun about having the baby. We’re fortunate enough to have fans really fired up about it.”

Leading up to his daughter’s birth this fall, Brett will be out on the road performing shows and promoting his latest single, “Catch.”

Photo: Getty Images

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