Thomas Rhett Has Learned To Pick His Battles With His Kids

Thomas Rhett is a parent to two young girls, and like so many parents he has realized that he needs to pick his battles when it comes to his daughters. For instance, Thomas says, “We went and saw Dumbo in the movie theaters. Both of our girls had on bright pink like Cinderella dresses and I looked at Lauren I was like, ‘They’re just gonna wear those to the movie theater?’ And she was like, ‘That’s what they wanted to wear.’”

While some of his daughters’ fashion choices bothered him at first, Thomas says, “You don’t even think about it anymore. You’re like, yeah, we’re going to a nice dinner but Willa Gray wants to wear sweatpants and soccer shorts and you’re like, okay. It is what it is. They have their own brain and there’s just a lot of things that are just not even worth fighting about.”

You can hear Thomas singing about his daughters, Willa Gray and Ada James in one of the verses of his brand new single, “Remember You Young," off his Center Point Road album.

Photo: Getty Images

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