Jason Aldean's Wife Slammed By Trolls After Showing New House Construction

Another day, another drama. After previously being mom-shamed for posting an adorable video with her kids in the pool, Jason Aldean's wife Brittany is now the subject of more trolling.

The mom of two was excited to show off the progress of her family's new house but was met with criticism. On Tuesday (July 9), she posted a handful of behind-the-scenes videos of their home to her Instagram Story to show fans how the building was coming along. One video included their pool that rivals any resort's and another video showed ceilings as high as a cathedral's. 

While many fans were grateful that Aldean was kind enough to let them into her life and share the progress of the mansion, some fans took it upon themselves to spread hate in the comment section of a photo of Aldean standing in what looks like the front entrance. 

One fan wrote: "Girl I love you but how are you going to post something about 'everyone goes through the same struggles' and then post a pic of your multi-million dollar home being built right after. Your struggles are not even close to a regular persons struggles." While another replied to the previous comment saying, "Y U P .. like there’s ppl who have to worry about where their next meal is coming from."

But, luckily, just as many fans had Aldean's back and defended her. One fan was quick to tell haters, "If you don’t want to see her home and what her family’s HARD WORK has given them stop following! I mean telling her she doesn’t needs this home and how she needs to be more humble....how about you stop being jealous."

Aldean seems unbothered by the rude comments and has yet to reply to any criticism. 

The Aldean family is currently renting until they can move into their dream home. We can't wait to see the finished house!

Photos: Instagram/Brittany Aldean; Getty Images

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