Brantley Gilbert Says His Son Is A Great Road Baby

Brantley Gilbert’s son Barrett is 20-months-old now, and the first time Brantley took him out on the road to be on tour with him, Brantley says, “I think he did wonderful but I’m kind of in and out during the day when we’re on the road. She’s in a hundred percent.”

His wife Amber might have a different perspective, but Brantley says, “I think our take on how good he did is probably based on experience. But honestly, after a day or two when he gets his sleep and kind of in his routine, he’s absolutely fine.”

Barrett and Brantley’s wife Amber are getting to spend plenty of time on the road with him this summer as Brantley performs on the fair and festival circuit, and continues his Not Like Us Tour next month. You’ll be able to see Brantley and Lindsay Ell performing their latest single, “What Happens in a Small Town,” all summer long, since she is opening for Brantley on his tour.

Photo: Getty Images

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